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      Changzhou Ismile Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. was founded in 2011, is located in the happy state, known as the land of fish and rice, and is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta, in the production of medical equipment mostly for Department of orthopedics. Products include: Disposable circumcision stitcher、Bone cement filling device、Medical rinser、Titanium bone sutures、PVP、PKP system、Antibiotic Bone cement and so on. The company has a skilled team, bachelor degree or above, occupy for more than 90%. Since 2017, the company has imported advanced technology and products from European, American and other  companies all over the word, and has hired American and French scientific experts. For production and quality inspection, We have the industry's leading sophisticated automated processing center and hundred thousand grade clean rooms, testing equipments and laboratories, combined R&D、production、registration and sales,production、testing equipment complete, technical resource is abundant, the OEM ability is strong, we can fully meet the various needs of customers over the word.

      Companies adhere to the "Honesty, innovation as the soul; Concept of development and constantly go beyond the pursuit of perfection", to provide high-quality medical products for global customers, we sincerely welcome the majority of medical institutions, research institutions, experts and scholars to visit、guidance、negotiate, we create, sharing, win-win cooperation with you!

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