Enjoy your time.

Live the city.

Ride uPPyx

Get the app and rent a car



the app on IOS or ANDROID for your smartphone


with your email, facebook or google + account


when you need your car and where you will be and we will deliver


and live the city. No need to return the car, just leave it and let us know where


No need to go and take your car: You pick on your smartphone and we deliver it to you wherever you are.

No more waiting on lines to pay out or fill forms: just have to scan/photo your legal documents and upload them on your uPPyx login. Then just have to show them to the car deliverer.

Use it and leave it: just have to let us know when &where will you leave the car and we’ll pick it up for you.

Fixed prices: Including the most important thing you need GPS, unlimitted milleage, sunpass toll, no need to return the fuel tank full, CDW coverage and taxes.

6 Plus
6 Plus


Where do I have to go to get the car I rented with uPPyx?

You just have to wait for your car. uPPyx will deliver it to you wherever you want it.

Do I have to present my documents and wait a long time to get the rental document?

No. You dont. You have to upload your documents directly on uPPyx. You will be requested to show your documents when we deliver the car to you.

Can I leave the vehicle anywhere?

Yes. Wherever you’ve informed through the uPPyx app.

Where do I leave the car keys?

Inside the car and be sure you close and secure all the doors.

I requested a car to be delivered to the airport and I just arrived. What should I do now?

I first must be sure to get my luggage. Then I must call the rental car with the information shown in the reservation, or the XXXXX, to inform in which gate you will be. Remember, the delay between the flight landing and the immigration check out process may vary widely among every passenger.

Do I get my booking by email?

Yes, and you can check it at any time just by signing in on uPPyx on your Smartphone.

Can I cancel my booking? Is there any penalty?

Yes, you can cancel 24h prior your booking without any additional charge, and if you cancel your booking within 24h, you must pay one full day fee according to the car you have rented.

How do I know which one is the vehicle I have rented?

Our staff will have your car identified by a uPPyx Logo, and he will have your name and your booking number. He will give you all the rental documents filled out with the information uploaded by you through uPPyx app.